Article on Towson parking issues was erroneous [Letter]

April 18, 2013

Regarding the article, "Towson leaders seek solutions to parking" published in the April 10 edition of the Towson Times, we at Pollard's Towing appreciate the Towson Times notifying the public of the change in parking policy at specific lots in downtown Towson.

However, the article included several factual omissions.

First, the parking meter was installed and proper signage — in compliance with local laws - posted about one month before any cars were towed. This was by design. Our goal was to allow the public to get acclimated to the new parking policies in the lots.

After about four weeks, we posted additional signage in the lot. At that point, we began towing. Naturally, some of those who were towed complained.

As a result of the complaints, we met with Nancy Hafford of the Towson Chamber of Commerce at the parking lot, to discuss what actions we could take to make the parking parameters more clear. We ceased towing until even more signs were added to the lot. In addition, we refunded towing fees to those who had mistakenly purchased a ticket from the county meter.

I believe that because people could park on the lots in question for free in the past, they believe parking should remain free forever. However, the owner of the property has a right to determine how his lot may be used.

Pollard's Towing is a family-owned business that has served the Towson community for over eighty years. We value our long-standing relationship with the Towson Chamber and the local business community.

We understand that no one enjoys having their cars towed. That is why we will continue to work with property owners to communicate policies as openly and fairly as possible.

Richard Pollard

Pollard's Towing

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