March 2013 among coldest for U.S., but 10th warmest across the globe

April 18, 2013|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

March 2013 brought a chill to Maryland and much of the eastern U.S., but the global average temperature for the month was meanwhile 10th warmest on record, according to U.S. climate researchers.

Around here, March temperatures were about 3 degrees below normal, as measured at BWI Marshall Airport. The average of 40.6 degrees at the airport in March was two degrees colder than the average for December, of 42.7 degrees.

The trend carried across much of the Southeast. For states from Mississippi to Virginia to Florida, it was among the top 10 coldest months of March in 119 years, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

The national March temperature average of 40.8 degrees was 0.9 degrees below the 20th century average.

But as one climate analyst explains in a video posted to YouTube, and shared above, there are always pockets of cold around the planet. Nevertheless, for 337 consecutive months, the average global temperature has been above the 20th century average.

The average global temperature, over land and oceans, was 55.94 degrees in March, tying with 2006 as 10th highest on record. It was the 37th consecutive warmer-than-average March, with the last below-average March coming in 1976, according to the climate report.

The last below-average temperature for any month was February 1985, according to the climate report.

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