Healthy cooking demo inspires students to change their diets

April 17, 2013|Kirsten Petersen

Students at the University of Maryland, College Park learned how to make healthy quesadillas, baked tortilla chips and fruit smoothies during a healthy cooking demonstration April 13.

The demonstration was organized by No Kid Hungry UMD, an initiative started by a group of public policy graduate students who were competing in the university's Do Good Challenge.

The goal of the No Kid Hungry UMD campaign was to educate university students about healthy eating and food security issues in Prince George’s County through cooking demonstrations. Team members worked with the resident assistants and university Dining Services to coordinate the free cooking demos.

Although the No Kid Hungry UMD team did not take home the top prize at the Do Good Challenge, team member Allison Ray is confident that their efforts made a difference.

“It was rewarding, especially today to be able to see it come full circle and have a great demonstration with Dining Services,” Ray said. “I learned a lot today and I hope the other students did as well.”

Erica McMahon, a senior psychology major, said the demos introduced her to how delicious healthy food can be.

“A lot of the times I worry, ‘Oh, I don’t want to eat healthy because it doesn’t taste good,’ but this all did,” McMahon said. “I think it proved me wrong and raised my expectations of myself for the future.” 

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