Kofi Kingston wins U.S. Championship on WWE Raw

April 16, 2013|By Arda Ocal

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Kofi Kingston, a WWE Superstar who was hard-pressed to find a win on television in 2013, defeated a man in Antonio Cesaro who, weeks earlier, was taking on several challengers, showing impressive feats of strength.

Then, Cesaro seemed to fall off the face of the earth around WrestleMania time. He didn't appear at WrestleMania. He didn't appear on Raw the next night. Then, he starts yodeling and loses the U.S. title.

Is Antonio Cesaro in the dog house? Is this a test? Are there other plans in store?

We can't truly know because we aren't in that backstage environment. All I know is that what I saw on Raw was not the Antonio Cesaro I am used to or want to see. I liked him as a proud U.S. champion who used his strength as his greatest attribute, giving the neutralizer to guys twice his size or more. Instead, we got a lot off yodeling on Raw and he lost to Kofi Kingston, who himself fell off the face of the earth.

How does it help the U.S. championship's reputation when a title change like this occurs? Will Cesaro and Kingston start a rivalry? Why should the WWE Universe care about it given what we have seen from both men lately? 

Regardless, I really hopee that Cesaro isn't on a decline in his WWE career. I could see him headlining WrestleMania one day.


** CM Punk walked away in an interesting promo. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. If Steve Austin is waiting in the wings, that's a terrific thing.

** Randy Orton & Sheamus beat Big Show

** Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman challenged Triple H to a cage match at Extreme Rules. Heyman can sell me on anything, but an "old school cage match" is an interesting choice. Perhaps the importance placed on Hell in a Cell in the past made that stipulation seem a litttle odd.

** Team Hell No beat the Prime Time Players. PTP are WWE's internet MVPs, appearing in pretty much every YouTube/web segment WWE produces. I think it gets overlooked how much they contribute and how hard they are willing to work. Good on them. That's the kind of team I want on my roster.

** Ryback delivered a great promo, in part because of the words, in part because many felt he didn't necessarily have this kind of promo in him. It definitely hit home with the John Cena character and people's complaints with it, and I'm looking forward to what happens next here.

** R Truth beat Wade Barrett in a non-title match. R Truth is a fine secondary champion challenger, and if this lasts a few more weeks leading to Extreme Rules, I'm fine with it.

** Team Rhodes Scholars beat Khali and Santino.

** "Fandangoing" didn't really translate on Raw, unfortunately. I enjoyed the whole phenomenon. Hopefully it lives online and when Raw goes to England soon.

- Jack Swagger beats Dolph Ziggler. If you thought just because he's the champ that means he wont lose.. you're wrong. Back to his losing ways

- Nikki Bella beats Kaitlyn

- The Shield attaack John Cena while Ryback watches and refuses to help. I like The Shield;'s positioning in this feud.

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