Wilde Lake candidate McCord earns votes by 'being there' [Letter]

April 16, 2013

As a member of the Wilde Lake Village Board, Nancy McCord has truly "been there" for Wilde Lake residents. She has fully earned my household's vote to represent Wilde Lake on the Columbia Council.

Nancy has "been there" at a whopping 100 percent of the board's meetings, listening to her constituents, asking discerning questions, and working collegially with her fellow board members. Nancy's sterling record stands in sharp contrast to the hit-and-miss record of her opponent, who attended only 10 of the Village Board's 17 meetings this fiscal year.

Nancy has also "been there" for Wilde Lake residents beyond the boardroom doors. Perhaps most notably, Nancy was "there" for us at the Columbia Association's forum on its ill-considered legislation to exempt CA and all of Columbia's villages from the state's Homeowner's Association Act. At this meeting with our state senators and delegates, Nancy gave a stirring speech decrying the losses the bill would inflict on CA lien-payers. Her opponent supported CA's attempt to remove MD HOAA protection from our villages.

Ginger Scott


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