Hekimian would work to improve Oakland Mills, and Columbia [Letter]

April 16, 2013

I have never had a conversation with either of the candidates for the Columbia Council from Oakland Mills Village. As such I'd have to base my choice on their statements published in this paper a week or two ago. Ms. McGready stated she was a supporter of a better Columbia and would work to make Columbia the better choice for families. I can appreciate that as I have seen many changes over the 30 plus years that I have lived here. Some good changes, some not so good. In that statement, she never once mentioned Oakland Mills Village.

On the other hand Mr. Hekimian stated he would work to improve conditions for living in our village of Oakland Mills and that he would work with the citizens of the village to make it a better place to live. For example the noise and light pollution from the recently constructed Blandair Park sports area adjacent to Oakland Mills. He also has worked for the betterment of Columbia as witnessed by his vote on the Inner Arbor proposals.

Based on the above I can only surmise that Ms. McGready will make life in Oakland Mills better by working to make Columbia a better place. Kind of a top-down situation. While Mr. Hekimian would make Columbia an attractive place to reside by making Oakland Mills a better place to live. Kind of a bottom-up situation.

Based on the above I think I will vote for the bottom-up situation. Continue to stand up for Oakland Mills Mr. Hekimian and Columbia will be a better place.

Marcelino Bedolla

Oakland Mills

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