Maryland has second highest number of health mandates

April 16, 2013|By Andrea K. Walker

 Maryland has the second highest number of health mandates - or procedures and services insurers are required to cover in policies.

Rhode Island is the state with the most number of mandates, according to research by the Council for Affordable Health Insurance.

Some believe that mandates drive up the cost of health care.

Maryland has 67 mandates while Rhode Island has 69. Idaho is the state with the least number of mandates at 13.

The most popular mandates are mammography screening and the length of time a woman must stay in the hospital after giving birth. The least popular are breast implant removal and screeing for cardiovascular disease.

Most Mandated Benefits Least Mandated Benefits   Most Popular Mandates Least Popular Mandates Rhode Island 69 Idaho 13 Mammography Screening 50 Breast Implant Removal 1 Maryland 67 Alabama 19 Maternity Minimum Stay 50 Cardiovascular Disease Screening 1 Virginia 66 Michigan 24 Breast Reconstruction 49 Circumcision 1 Minnesota 65 Iowa 26 Mental Health Parity 48 Gastric Electrical Stimulation 1 Connecticut 65 Utah 26 Alcohol & Substance Abuse 46 Organ Transplant Donor Coverage 1

Graphic Source: Council for Affordable Health Insurance

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