McCready is supported for being 'honest, upfront, respectful' [Letter]

April 16, 2013

Voters in this week's election between Julia McCready and Alex Hekimian to represent Oakland Mills on the CA Board need to know a very important fact: a clear majority of the current OM Village Board members support Julia McCready, as do three former Board chairs. The reason is a matter of trust.

Julia McCready is honest, upfront, and respectful. She works toward consensus and cooperative problem-solving. She is a creative, hardworking person who supports her community with her positive outreach and hands-on work.

Despite Mr. Hekimian's insistence on openness and transparency, he is neither open nor transparent with the OM Village Board. He has a history of circumventing and undermining the Board by meeting separately with residents, thus leaving the Board out of issues on which they represent the community. His votes on the CA Board often do not reflect the will of OM as articulated by its duly elected representatives. His "openness" is contradicted by his consistent failure to provide complete information on his CA actions and votes, and his email newsletter, to the Village Board unless explicitly asked.

OM needs Julia McCready, who will work with others instead of against them to help our Village and Columbia reach their true potential.

Kevin White


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