Cornell embodies necessary characteristics of CA board member [Letter]

April 16, 2013

My experience as a past member and Chairman of the CA Board of Directors showed me that there are four important characteristics of CA Board Member:

1. Open Minded. You need to see all the different points of view before making a decision. 2. Love of Columbia. You will work hard for the community with little in return. 3. Independence. Governing Columbia Association is about more than one or two issues. You need to be loyal to your Village and the betterment of Columbia. 4. Experience. Good sound business judgement is needed because most of the issues you are involved in are business related, especially since the budget is now well above $60 million.

These factors are critical for any board member to embrace in order to work toward a vibrant future vision for Columbia and making CA a better organization and Columbia a better place for us to live.

Michael Cornell has all four of these traits which is why he has been an outstanding Board Member and I implore you to vote for Michael Cornell for the River Hill CA Representative.

Tom O'Connor, former Chairman, Columbia Council

Dorsey Search

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