Hekimian understands the founding vision, future for Columbia [Letter]

April 16, 2013

Columbia is the wonderful, successful city it is due in large part to the "founding" residents. Many moved here from other areas looking for the promise of what Rouse and company offered, if you wanted to be part of it. We did, and have never regretted that decision.

Thus it is always surprising when people think somehow this happened on its own. It was involvement, trust, a love of open space, diversity, and a hedge against the bigness of buildings, complexes, and development at the expense of community, neighborhoods, and a way of life.

Alex Hekimian understands and shares that vision. As advocate for the Village of Oakland Mills, he works tirelessly. His voice is strong, passionate, and informed with data, facts, and a history that represents all of Columbia, not just one village.

He's not a rubber stamp for everything brought forward by CA staff and he's effective, and that's why some would like to shut out that voice. What Alex brings to the table is the future of Columbia, not the latest fad, trend, or development scheme, and his ardent voice at the table is in all our best interest and the future of Columbia.

Wilda and Ed Newman

Oakland Mills

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