McCready is supported by majority of current board [Letter]

April 16, 2013

If Alex Hekemian knocks on your door during this election you'll find him pleasant to talk with. You'll likely say that he sounds reasonable. He is a good man and is passionate in his beliefs. However his beliefs do not represent mine.

When I was on the Village Board and he was our CA Representative, my experience was that he often offered an obstructive perspective.

Alex was part of an early Columbia that was vibrant and innovative. But Alex and his supporters seem uncomfortable with the idea of today's Columbia being vibrant and innovative again. Perhaps they are afraid that Columbia's ideals will be abandoned, and can't imagine that they could be manifested in new ways to create vibrancy today in a new era.

I've volunteered with Julia McCready since 2004 when she was on her HOA Board and an OM Street Captain. Julia serves on the Village Board where she is respected for her thoughtfulness, grasp of issues, and commitment. The majority of the current board supports her candidacy.

Julia is honest, inclusive, collaborative, knowledgeable, and flexible. Julia has a profound respect for Columbia's past yet understands that thoughtful change is necessary to keep Columbia vibrant in the future.

Mary Kate Murray

Oakland Mills

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