McCready is in tune with the beauty of Oakland Mills and Columbia [Letter]

April 16, 2013

Julia McCready blends empathy and action. While serving with her on the Oakland Mills Village Board, I saw her thoughtfully consider all sides of issues, and stand up for what is fair and honorable. As Oakland Mills' Columbia Board representative, Julia McCready will fine-tune our community.

Julia believes in the original beauty of Columbia, and holds a vision for enhancing Columbia's beauty reliant on resident's needs. She believes in open spaces, safety, revitalization and community. She believes in Columbia and all of the people who choose to live here.

Julia notices and acknowledges good, and she takes action to mend anything that is less than beautiful. While enjoying her "A Little Lunch Music" program with my own little ones, I saw her delight children, parents, and grandparents as they bop or clap in rhythm together. She sees the good in people, and she knows how to encourage individual beauty in everyone. Julia knows that together, we are community, and that we are the real music in life.

I believe in Julia's vision of Columbia. I count on her to listen and to act, and to represent our community. As Oakland Mills' Columbia Board representative, Julia will fine-tune Columbia.

Kristin Huza


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