Support for McCready is based on candidate's blog post [Letter]

April 16, 2013

Julia McCready, candidate for Columbia Council for Oakland Mills, wrote a blog post that expressed my thoughts more clearly than I could myself, so I am quoting her here:

"You hear and see it everywhere. 'If you elect me, I'll fight for you.'... How much good is all this fighting doing for us? You elect someone that will fight only for your point of view, and then, so does the other guy. How is that working out in Washington? How does it work out in Columbia?...

"Anyone who has tried or observed the Fighter scenario in the workplace or in daily life knows exactly how that plays out...

"The simple truth is this: no one wants to work with the Fighters. In fact, no one can work with the fighters. They make it completely impossible for anyone to work well together.... What does Columbia need today, and in the future? Fighters, or partners who can work together successfully and who will listen and share information?"

Her complete post can be read at

I have worked extensively with both candidates. Julia is a thoughtful, creative consensus builder that will move Columbia forward. I want her to represent me.

Karen Gray, former Oakland Mills board chair


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