Howard County's Legacy Project promotes healthy masculinity

New Domestic Violence Center initiative caps off with dance performance, basketball tournament

April 16, 2013|By Julianne Peeling

On June 8, the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County will host “Steppin’ into a New Legacy,” a step show and basketball tournament aimed at raising awareness about the role men play in preventing domestic violence.

According to the Domestic Violence Center’s website, “Domestic violence and sexual assault are far too often viewed as a female-centered issue; one over which men have little voice and a lesser role to play.” However, DVC leaders believe violence is an issue that affects everyone and that men and boys must assume an active stand in helping to stop future acts of aggression.

In order to encourage men to think more deeply about their responsibilities as role models and advocates, the Domestic Violence Center launched The Legacy Project, which community educator Dominic Goodall describes as “an initiative to get men and boys involved in relationship and sexual violence prevention.” The Legacy Project offers workshops that promote “healthy masculinity and being an active bystander.”

The Legacy Project will culminate in “Steppin’ into a New Legacy: Step Show and Basketball Tournament,” an event celebrating dance and basketball, two healthy forms of masculinity. The basketball teams will be open for the public to join, though Goodall says he hopes that men and boys who have participated in The Legacy Project’s workshops will participate. Community dance groups will explain the history and meaning of footwork-based dances and perform them for the audience. Of the show and tournament, Goodall says, “I envision it as a large community event where a lot of people can come together, observe and participate,” an event “to pull everyone together and discuss ideas of healthy masculinity in the community and how to move forward.”

“Steppin’ into a New Legacy” will take place June 8 at 4 p.m. at the Howard County Sports Center, which is located at 6742 Dorsey Road in Elkridge. For details, visit

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