Find middle ground on regulations

April 14, 2013

There has been a lot of talk lately about the role of government regulations. Many Democrats will argue that we don't have enough. Many Republicans will argue that we have too many. So who's right?

I don't think either is inherently right or wrong. I liken the government to a boss, and the economy to a job. The way the government and the economy interact is like an employee/manager relationship. So we must ask, what kind of boss do we feel successful with? Do we like a boss who is breathing down our necks, one who gives us a set of guidelines and allows us to work, or one who is totally absent? If you're like most people, the middle one is the answer. A boss who gives guidance, but allows employees freedom and flexibility is usually the boss who achieves the most results.

If your boss is absent all the time, your business will probably be on a rescue show, and if you have a micromanager, you're probably so demoralized you're just punching the clock. Our political parties need to heed this. Republicans must realize there are good and proper regulations for businesses. At the same time, Democrats must realize that over-regulation is akin to a micromanager standing over your shoulders.

Only by finding that middle ground, by giving our businesses a set of guidelines, but also a lot of freedom to grow will we get our economy back. That is the challenge.

Greg Primrose, Towson

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