Women deserve truth about abortion

April 13, 2013

Of course, I agree with The Sun's general comments in the editorial regarding the Johns Hopkins Student Government Association's overturning of the decision to deny recognition to Voice for Life, a pro-life group ("Hopkins students get it right, at last," April 11). However, your spin on the story, where you claim that young women fear that they could be harassed by this group, is typically outrageous.

You further state that any challenge to abortion rights is a personal affront to young women and their control over their bodies. Oh yes, and their dignity. You're concerned about a flurry of efforts in the legislature from pro-life groups that would limit the time in weeks for legal abortions. I know that you are aware of the recent deaths in Maryland and Pennsylvania abortion clinics, and I am certain that you have read the description of the conditions at the Kermit Gosnell clinic from the Philadelphia police crime scene report. One officer termed the clinic as a "stinking house of horrors." Of course, The Sun has not offered much coverage on any of this. Your silence is actually a disgrace.

It is accurate to state that much of the public has become aware of the horror and repugnance of abortion and the general mismanagement of many abortion clinics across the country, with inoperable equipment, general filth, and unlicensed and unqualified personnel. A clinic in Elkton which was closed last year had an unlicensed teen-age employee administering anesthetics. In spite of laws enacted in Maryland in the 2012 legislative session requiring these clinics to upgrade to the level of ambulatory care facilities, many have done nothing, and Maryland has not enforced this law or required inspections of the clinics. The recent deaths should change this, but these deaths could have probably been avoided. Of course, on the other hand, the women who died had their rights protected.

But let's keep advising our young women of their rights and protecting their dignity, and certainly not limit their access to the horror clinics that you term as abortion services. You don't want them to be visually aware of what an abortion is about, or what actually occurs in one of these clinics, or that they later sell the parts of the young woman's fetus in a macabre after-market. We cannot have our young women being offended with such reality, and we certainly do not want to make them feel uncomfortable.

David A. Kraus, Nottingham

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