Regina Clay deserves to be re-elected [Letter]

April 12, 2013

I have resided in Wilde Lake since 1977. I have attended most all of the candidate's forums since that time. I have stayed current with the operations of the Columbia Association through attendance and the technical media which is available to all of the residents of Columbia. This is part of the communication process that is necessary for a home owners association. The relationship with the village boards of directors and the village representative to the Columbia Board of Directors (CBD) is another part. Although each village sends a representative to the CBD that member must make decisions that are for the benefits for all of Columbia. Each representative must receive consul from their village boards and be able to form decisions by forming alliances with the board members of the other villages. Regina Clay has been very successful at during this during her term as the Wilde Lake Village rep. In the process she has not forgotten that the needs and desire of Wilde Lake must be articulated.

I had never met Regina personally before the 8 April 2013 Candidates Forum. As I said previously, I have attended most of these forums in the past and never experienced the undertones and destruction of a representative that I perceived to have taken place that night. I thought that I may have been a little sensitive until several others expressed the same concerns that I had. Residents of Wilde Lake, please prove to me that I was wrong and reelected Regina to this position.

Don Wheeler

Wilde Lake

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