Julia McCready is bringing youth back to Oakland Mills [Letter]

April 12, 2013

Julia McCready is currently running for the CA Board of Directors, representing Oakland Mills. Supporting her is important to me because Oakland Mills has been my home for most of my life and I care what happens to it. When I was younger my family was very involved in community events so I have been around Julia a lot growing up. Despite my young age Julia always made me feel included and took my input seriously.

She continued to be a valued role model in my life up to and after I moved away for college and it is in large part because of her actions that I moved back to the Oakland Mills village center this past summer, right after graduation.

I chose this area because this village means so much to me and I know that she is working hard on making the community even better. Thinking of Julia in an even higher leadership role makes me want to stay, and encourage more of my friends to live here as well, knowing that my input is always valued, despite my young age, and knowing that with her help this community is constantly bettering it.

Rebecca Couch


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