Regina Clay has the positive vision that Wilde Lake needs [Letter]

April 12, 2013

Going into the Wilde Lake Candidates' Forum, I was undecided as to which candidate for Columbia Council would receive my vote: Regina Clay or Nancy McCord.

After listening to their presentations and hearing their responses during the question and answer period, the answer became clear. I support Regina Clay's re-election to the Columbia Council.

It is clear that Wilde Lake's much-needed turnaround is just beginning. With that in mind, I believe Ms. Clay's experience and temperament make her an ideal advocate for Wilde Lake at this pivotal time.

While I was impressed by Ms. McCord's background, I thought that Ms. Clay had a better command of the issues and offered a more compelling vision of our Village's future.

While Ms. McCord provided a rationale for her candidacy, I did not find it to be as compelling as Ms. Clay's thoughtful perspective on building a community that balances the original vision of Columbia with Wilde Lake's present-day needs. Governing is not easy and Ms. Clay has demonstrated that she is tough enough for the job. I encourage my Wilde Lake neighbors to vote for Regina Clay for Columbia Council.

Jason Booms

Wilde Lake

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