Pretty Kitty's story has happy ending, thanks to many [Letter]

April 12, 2013

On Monday,  April 8. I took a feral cat in our neighborhood, "Pretty Kitty," to Spay Now, a low-cost spay clinic across the street from Laurel Hospital, to be spayed. Just as I'd gotten her in front of the door of their clinic, she popped the lock on the carrier, leaped out of it, and took off for a huge, tall grass field next to their place. 

Immediately,  one or two clinic workers, a couple of other people in the area and myself all took off after her. They got her cornered in an area of the business complex that was just beyond the field. Suddenly, she streaked out of the corner where she was crouching.  A gentleman wielding a net swung it towards Pretty Kitty, but  missed her. 

So, the chase was on again. Another corner in the complex, another break-for, another quick swishing of the net. This time, though, he got her! The other workers covered her and the net with a blanket, and carried her back to Spay Now, where she was spayed, given shots, had her ears and skin checked.

She's back home now, and spent her first night in my basement. When I picked her up at the clinic, in the carrier, she had turned her back on all of us, and I was afraid she'd be traumatized and angry forever by the experience.  On the contrary, two hours later she was rubbing up against my leg and purring contentedly as I petted her. A nice story with a happy ending.

Many thanks go out to the wonderful workers at Spay Now. They went far beyond the list of expected duties stated in their job descriptions.

Sally Crouch


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