Walk in Clemens Crossing shows important things are doing fine [Letter]

April 12, 2013

I live in Clemens Crossing and am fortunate enough to be able to walk to my Giant. So off I went tonight to get a couple bags of groceries. On my way I passed a Mom and three kids at the tot lot. The little boy called to me from high on the swing. He had just called safely and successfully to a stranger! And then I noticed the two little girls were thrilled because they had just spotted a frog in the creek. On I went to then have a fun discussion with a man I had never met about his beautiful Great Dane. I arrived at the Giant and at the deli Tristan said to me, "How are you?" And he really meant it. And he knows exactly what I order each week. And Michelle called me by name as I walked by the pharmacy.

Why don't you not watch the news for a couple days and go for some walks in your neighborhood instead? Because you will find that the really important things in the world are doing just fine.

Gail Zitnay


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