Freebies offered for tax day

April 12, 2013|Lorraine Mirabella

Feeling financially stressed as Tax Day approaches? Owe the government way more than you’d expected or getting too little back?

Free curly fries from Arby’s can only help.

Dealnews senior editor Allison Barretta has put together a roundup of merchants offering free promotions for April 15 – and a few other dates.

Here are some samples from the dealnews story:

Arby's is serving a choice of a free value-sized order of Curly Fries or a small order of Potato Cakes via a printable coupon on April 15. Panda Express has picked April 17 (the date of last year's tax day) to offer its freebie, Samurai Surf & Turf entree. And for a sweetener, stop in Monday at Cinnabon for two free Cinnabon Bites per customer.

Check here for the roundup and for printable coupons. The website says it expects to unearth more deals closer to the dreaded deadline.


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