Both Towson and Hopkins are on the wrong track

April 11, 2013

Both Towson University and Johns Hopkins University — via their administrations and student government associations — are on the wrong side of the inclusion and diversity issues once again, and for the very same reasons, too: intolerance of viewpoints other than their own, partisan politics, and downright stupidity.

In the case of Towson University, it has done everything possible to deny a projected white student union the right to form on campus — backed by its SGA — and this flying in the face of the fact that, as it admits, two-thirds of the current student body is — you guessed it! — white.

As an elected SGA senator during 1970-72, I witnessed first-hand on campus how both organizations fell all over themselves to ensure that the Black Student Union (BSU) was both established and student funded. As an SGA senatorial candidate in 1970, one of my platform planks was to allow the BSU to form. The next year, however, the BSU made it known that it would spend its SGA-granted money any way it chose, and without any auditing or oversight to boot. As a then SGA presidential candidate in 1971, I said I was having none of that: Either the BSU would be made to obey the law, or it would be put out of business. I lost the election, but returned to the Senate.

During 1969-70, I served as a volunteer on the JHU Homewood site in its Hopkins Tutorial Project to benefit poor inner city black students. I now note with dismay that JHU and its current student government have denied an anti-abortion group its rightful place on campus.

If both of these stances are, in fact, upheld, I hope and recommend that those in favor seek a legal remedy to this by first going through the state of Maryland judicial system, and, after that if necessary, that of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Both will win their cases, and TU and JHU will receive the smack in the chops that both justly deserve.

Blaine Taylor, Towson

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