Fond recollections of the Hooker family in Harford [Letter]

April 11, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


What's in a name? I often ask people if they know why their parents chose the name they were given. Sometimes the answer is no, and I suggest the person ask their parents for an answer.

I don't know why my parents chose my name, however, I found out that there are 16 others with the same first and last name that I have. I jokingly tell others I can do anything I want to and God won't know if I or one of the other 16 people did it. I was told God doesn't use names; God uses finger prints! I'm told to forget my bad ideas.

A story in The Aegis of April 5 entitled "Time to get out of Dodge" caused me to pause and reflect on some of the Hookers of Harford County I was acquainted with. Roland and his wife Ruby Hooker were related to the Hookers of Hookers Mill that was on Hookers Mill Road in Abingdon.

I learned from Ruby that she had a deaf sister and a deaf daughters. The daughters were married to deaf men and the daughter and her husband had two children who had no hearing problems. I asked Ruby how her daughter knew when her babies were crying at night. The daughter put her babies in a basket on the floor by her bed and dangled her hand over the babies basket and when she felt a change in the babies breathing she would know to get out of bed and care for the children.

Most adults are aware that the name "Hooker" was given to the ladies of the night. How and why did this happen? The explanation I like best is that during the Civil War President Lincoln had a General named Joe Hooker. When pay day came Joe Hooker would invite the ladies of the night to visit his troops. When asked who are there ladies the reply were "Hooker's Girls." Later the reply was shortened to the reply was simply "Hookers."

All the members of the Hooker family of Harford that I know were or are had working, God fearing, Church going people. I was married to a Howell, Ruby, who was Ruby Howell Hooker.

I am left with precious memories of my wife and Roland and Ruby Hooker.

It is sad to read about progress causing the Hookers of Laurel Bush to make the choice "Time to get out of Dodge." Time and progress do march on and hopefully we are left with fond memories of yesterday and bright hopes for to-day!

Good tidings to the Hookers of Harford.

Curtis Pace


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