Fulton residents speak out against apartment complex

  • Signs sit outside of the entrance to Glenelg High School auditorium for a Planning Board meeting Monday, April 8.
Signs sit outside of the entrance to Glenelg High School auditorium… (Nate Pesce, )
April 09, 2013|By Blair Ames, bames@tribune.com

A handful of residents opposed to the rezoning of 91 acres in Fulton across from Reservoir High School spoke out during Monday's Planning Board meeting at Glenelg High School. More residents who don't want an apartment complex were in the audience.

"For all its purported emphasis on enhancing quality of life for future residents, this amendment fails to account for the lives of those of us who have already chosen Fulton to raise their family," said Fulton resident Phil Hartten.

The hearing was the second session held by the Planning Board as it considers comprehensive zoning requests.

Maple Lawn Farms Inc. has requested rezoning 91 acres along Scaggsville Road across from Reservoir High School. The property is zoned rural residential, but Maple Lawn is seeking the R-A-15 zoning, which would allow for 15 units per acre.

If granted, the zoning would allow an apartment complex with more than 1,000 units to be built.

The current zoning allows for one home per three acres.

Under PlanHoward 2030, the property was incorporated into the Planned Service Area for public water and sewer.

Over the past two weeks, residents have said the zoning and potential development would create overcrowded schools and bring too much congestion to roads.

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