Brief power outage in Bel Air Friday afternoon, two stuck in school elevator


A brief power outage occurred in a portion of Bel Air around 2:45 p.m. Friday, followed closely by a report of a transformer fire in the general area of the outage.

The outage lasted literally for a few moments and no further power disruptions were reported. Baltimore Gas & Electric's online outage map showed fewer than five customers without power on the east side of Bel Air around 3 p.m. Those outages were reported at 2:53 p.m., according to the map.

There was also an emergency radio dispatch report a short time following the outage about a person being stuck in an elevator at Southampton Middle School, on the northeast side of town.

Teri Kranefeld, spokesperson for Harford County Public Schools, said there was a power outage at Southampton Middle and a student and an employee were briefly stuck in the elevator during the outage. "The power was restored and both exited the elevator safely," Kranefeld wrote in an e-mail.

Farther down Moores Mill Road from Southampton Middle, the outage tripped a circuit breaker at Harford Day School, school spokesperson Ellen Kelly said; however, not all the campus lost power.

The outage affected the building where The Aegis office is located on North Main Street, but not all the downtown area. Kranefeld said school headquarters on South Hickory did not lose power. 

It was not immediately clear where the transformer fire occurred. The initial emergency radio broadcast said on North Hickory Avenue in town, but a later broadcast said at the Hickory Bypass, which is farther north of town.

No further details were available.


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