Stacy Keibler's 'Supermarket Superstars' coming soon

(Getty Images )
April 09, 2013|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Stacy Keibler is inching closer to becoming TV's next Heidi Klum.

Fans might recall last summer Lifetime announced Keibler would host a new reality show, "Supermarket Superstars." But until now, no one's heard much more about it.

UK's Daily Mail has posted pictures of Keibler leaving the set -- which means the show is moving along and just might be ready for public consumption soon. Keibler's reps tell Insider to expect the show to air in July.

The program sounds a lot like "Fashion Star," but with food. People will pitch ideas for edible products and one idea will actually be produced and sold at grocery stores.

Meanwhile, TV Guide reported recently that the mentors on the show -- the folks that will help contestants develop products -- include "Cookie Lady" Debbi Fields, Michael Chiarello of Food Network and a branding expert named Chris Cornyn.

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