Which is better, a DJ or a band?

  • What kind of music -- DJ or band -- will get everyone on the dance floor at your wedding?
What kind of music -- DJ or band -- will get everyone on the dance… (KARL MERTON FERRON / Baltimore…)
April 09, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

Weddings, along with styles, are constantly changing. Wedding bands used to be very popular in the last generation but lately DJs are the trend. As a very indecisive person, I can tell you that I am really struggling with this decision. 

The music and entertainment of your wedding can really make or break the whole celebration. There will be music playing for the ceremony, cocktail hour and, of course, the reception. If it doesn’t turn out how you hope it to, it could affect the guests and whether they have a good time or not. If the DJ only plays slow songs, some of the single people may not want to dance. If the DJ only plays fast songs, some of the older people may not want to dance. If the band isn’t very lively, people may get bored, or if they don’t sound that great you may just be thinking about how much you miss the original singer and how you only have a cover band. 

My fiancé, Keith, and I were set on a DJ, but our parents convinced us to at least be open-minded about a band. My maid-of-honor found a band called The Night Life that received amazing reviews from everyone they have performed for, so we decided we would give them a chance. My mom got in contact with one of the band members and we are going to hear them perform so we can decide for ourselves if they have the sound we want for our wedding. 

I actually hope they win us over because I think it would be neat and different to have a band. They could also personalize our first dance song by making it the right tempo for dancing. 

The Engineers Club, where we will be getting married, has a beautiful stage, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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