Harford school year to end 3 days earlier

State forgives closures forced by the storm Sandy; school ends June 11

April 09, 2013

Harford County Public Schools students and faculty got some welcome news Tuesday: the school year will be ending three days earlier than expected.

The school system – which has been closed six days for weather this school year – was granted a waiver for three of those days, Dr. Lillian Lowery, the state superintendent of schools, announced Tuesday. Harford County Public Schools were closed for three days near the beginning of the school year by the effects of what was left of Hurricane Sandy as the superstorm passed through the region. Schools were also closed three other days because of inclement winter weather.

After the three days were removed from the end of the year, schools will close Tuesday, June 11, for students in kindergarten through 11th grade. Seniors will have graduated the week before, as scheduled. The school year ends Friday, June 14, for faculty and 10-month instructional support employees.

"The three-day waiver request was made for the school closures caused by local power outages and damages as a result of Hurricane Sandy," a statement released Tuesday by the school system said.

"Due to the effort put forth by HCPS to make-up three of those days in April by making April 3 (previously a spring break day) and April 29 and 30 (previously teacher professional development days) regular school days, the waiver was granted," the statement said. "As such, three days will be removed from the end sof the school year. Unless additional modifications to the school calendar become necessary, the last day for kindergarten – 11th grade students is Tuesday, June 11, and the last day for teachers and 10-month instructional support employees is Friday, June 14."

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