Inventive flavors the hallmark of From Momma's Kitchen

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April 09, 2013|By L'Oreal Thompson

When most people think about Creamsicles, they probably picture the fruity frozen dessert. Monica Williams, however, envisioned a cookie. Williams, who owns the baking operation From Momma’s Kitchen, has made a second career out of concocting decadent desserts.

The 43-year-old former principal of Celebration Christian Academy in Columbia has been experimenting with cookies ever since she started baking at just 8 years old in her mom’s kitchen in Philadelphia.

“I added M&M’s to the first batch of chocolate chip cookies I made,” she remembers. “Even back then, I was switching things up.”

Today, Williams, who is a mother of three, continues to mix things up in the kitchen with unique cookie flavors, such as strawberry cheesecake, pineapple cheesecake, key lime, red velvet, lemon custard and carrot cake cookies with walnuts. She also includes more traditional flavors, such as chocolate chip, golden oatmeal raisin, sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. She does her baking at a catering facility in Baltimore and charges $15 for a dozen cookies.

“Making dessert is something I always did. I always enjoyed the reaction and the instant gratification. It’s the core of why I do what I do,” the Oakland Mills resident explains. “Teaching and seeing kids get the concept is the same feeling -- it’s like a sugar rush!”

In addition to cookies, Williams bakes rich fudgelike brownies and makes chocolate bark.

“The message that I have received from what I am doing is that this isn’t so much about the baking or the cookies,” she says. “It’s an amazing ride, but ultimately it’s about really finding your passion that’s been planted in your heart since birth, discovering it and really experiencing it.”

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