'The Voice' recap, All four coaches battle for a former doctor

  • Shawna P. sings during blind auditions of "The Voice."
Shawna P. sings during blind auditions of "The Voice." (NBC / Trae Patton )
April 09, 2013|By Tionah Lee

In the final week of the blind audition round, coaches Blake, Adam, Shakira and Usher waste no time choosing the 12 that will go on and compete to become this season’s Voice. 

The coaches spent last night’s episode hoping to find the three or four remaining members of their teams. While it was fun to watch each coach build the anticipation that comes with pushing the big red button, it was far more entertaining to watch the judges fight for the attention of two of the night's best competitors.

This season has offered not only new talent with those actually competing, but in the form of coaches as well. While some may questioned the decision to replace the popular Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguleria, replacement coaches Usher and Shakira have fit in perfectly. Neither coach is afraid to pull out any, and all of the stops to land the competitor they feel will be a perfect addition to their team. (Including the alleged “putz” Blake placed in the audience to cheer in his favor in hopes of landing the best competitor.)

No matter the season, watching the coaches clench their seats as they wait to see if they will be chosen to coach the competitor they turned their chair around for nevers get old.

Sidebar: Neither will Usher’s smooth victory dance.

Last night’s episode left the judges feeling a little bit of pressure, as they hoped to find the last pieces to complete their musical puzzle. It was an intense night of witty banter that started off when Jeff Lewis stepped on stage to perform Usher’s “You Got it Bad." While Blake and Shakira both turned around within the first few seconds, it was the hesitant Usher who ended up with the acoustic crooner on his team. 

The night continued on a high-note as Rock Mafia’s Shawna P. performed The Black Crowes' “She Talks to Angels." As Adam and Shakira both turned around to compliment Ms. P on her mature sound, it was Adam who ended up with the vintage songbird who has been “singing since most of the people auditioning have been born."  

While Skakira lost out on Shawna P., she won the affection of Cuba-born Mary Miranda after her rendition of Selena’s “Como la Flor." All hope was not lost for Team Blake, as he landed the “Bluntry” songstress Grace Askew and her “sexy chrome guitar."

The biggest highlights of the night came when all four coaches anxiously fought to land two of the night’s biggest talents. 

Background singer Sasha Allen and her soulful rendition of Dixie Chick’s “Not Ready to Make Nice” managed to get the attention of all of the coaches after her first extended note in the chorus. After all of the coaches tried to persuade her, Sasha decided to go with Adam, who is indeed, "three seasons deep."

Saving the best for last, the competition only got better as doctor-turned-singer Ryan Inness joined the party. A few seconds into his performance of John Mayer’s “Gravity," he had all of the judges facing him in “awe” as they fawned over his extremely soulful voice. As each judge tried to pull every card to land the night’s most talented singer, they were no match for Usher. The R&B star proudly welcomed Ryan to the team, and then did his final victory dance of the night.

While there is one more night of blind auditions, everyone is wondering which direction each coach will take. With only a few spots to fill on their teams, whom will the judges choose? Will any of those young contestants come back and try again? Will Adam and Usher reign supreme in and another four-way battle? Will Usher do another victory dance? And more importantly who will be the Voice this season? We will find out together in the next few weeks.

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