'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Jacoby charms and Andy Dick brings the tears

  • Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess rehearse for the new season of "Dancing With the Stars."
Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess rehearse for the new season of "Dancing… (Rick Rowell / ABC )
April 09, 2013|By Amy Watts

Last week was "Prom Night" and mercifully Wynonna went home. Tonight is "The Best Year of Your Life," and I'm already prepared to feel decrepit and ancient when Aly and Zendaya pick from their limited number of years.

During the staircase introductions, Gleb walks down by himself. This is after we saw Lisa take a hard fall in the rehearsal footage montage. Curious! Suspense! Drama!

Tom says that Lisa has been ill all day and sitting out rehearsal on doctor's orders. We'll find out later if she's dancing tonight.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd: Viennese Waltz

Last week, Sean's "Y.M.C.A." was tacky but not entirely terrible.

Sean says 2012 was the best year of his life, not just because of the experience of being "The Bachelor" but because of finding Catherine. Peta coos appropriately in response. Sean says he wants to create a family like the one he grew up in, with parents who have now been married 36 years.

Sean mentions that he'd like to find a way to incorporate Catherine into the dance somehow. Peta suggests that they have his solo leading into him ending up with her. He says he knew Catherine was the one for him because he "never wanted to say goodbye to her."

The dance starts with Sean lifting Peta up from the ground in a spin. Pretty slick looking move, especially with all the dry ice on the ballroom floor.  The dance ends with Sean doing his solo and dancing his way over toward Catherine and laying a kiss on her.

Len says, "He was steaming and I'm beaming." Never change, Len, never change. He calls it a "good effort" but compliments his frame. He adds that he lost the music at times and his foot placement could use some improvement.

Bruno thinks he played the role well, but needs to be more consistent with his "fluidity." Carrie Ann "got moved" but "the grace, we're working on." She announces that the "lift police is back" and scolds them for having two big ones.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 6; Len: 7; Bruno: 7

I assume Carrie Ann knocked a point off for the lifts.

Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold: Paso Doble

They choose Queen's "We Will Rock You" because it's the song he walked into when he won his boxing title. The announcer has some fun with their intro, giving it the "In this corner" spin. There's a lot of shadowboxing and throwing off of gloves, robes, etc. at the beginning, which will probably irritate Len.

This rendition of "We Will Rock You" feels way faster than the original. Usually it feels like they slow songs down for the show. It doesn't feel like Victor's quite got the routine down, with a lack of sureness to his movements and at one point a physical assist from Lindsay to get him on the correct side of her. For their final pass down the stage, Victor looks more like he's walking than dancing and at the top of the stage he's a half step or so behind Lindsay the whole time. He kind of looks like he's playing "Dance Dance Revolution" and not very well.

Oh, wait, that faffing around at the beginning was his "solo."

Bruno says Victor "punched the living daylights" out of the dance, but he was supposed to dance it, not destroy it. Bruno admired the effort, but Victor had footwork issues and posture issues. Carrie Ann loves his attitude and commitment but he needs a lot of work on his arms. Len admires his spirit and determination but the dance needed more refinement. 

Up in the contestant loft, Victor confirms that the shadow boxing at the beginning was indeed his solo. Oh dear.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 6; Len: 6; Bruno: 6

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff: Foxtrot

Jacoby says 2012 was the best year of his life not just because of the Super Bowl but also because his son was born. He says he always wanted his child to be proud of him. Jacoby says his own father left when he was only 2-years-old and that if his dad walked into the studio right now, he wouldn't know what he looked like. He tried to reach out and contact him, but doesn't think his dad can "face him like a man." 

When Karina asks him what he enjoys most about being a dad he says, "It's a piece of yourself, something you made," and adds, "I want to watch him grow up, the right way." They're dancing to Rodney Atkins' "Watch You Grow Up."

Jacoby's struggling with the foxtrot and says it's the most difficult he's had. He calls out at the end of his interview, "This foxtrot is for you, Junior." 

His posture isn't perhaps as disciplined as a foxtrot should be. He gets a big solo stretch in the middle of the song which even involves kicking up his heels, and what appears to be some country line dancing moves. Now that is unexpected.

After the dance we see Jacoby's mom holding his son on her lap. She's on the verge of tears and fanning herself to stay calm. Junior's cool as a cucumber and dressed to the nines. I'm cowed by how cute this kid is.

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