Hekimian's actions show he deserves re-election to CA Board [Letter]

April 08, 2013

Mail-in voting for the CA Village elections is underway and one community leader to especially support is Alex Hekimian of Oakland Mills. Alex has for years represented us well on the CA Board of Directors.

For example, he believes in reducing CA's annual assessments and fees to make Columbia more affordable. Times are hard for many of our residents; did you know that 212 homes/condos in Columbia are currently in mortgage foreclosure? (Zillow.com) Seeing that CA collected about $62 million in revenue in FY 2012, it's clear that CA needs checks and balances. We need to check how this money is managed and spent, and Alex helps us maintain this oversight.

CA staff had proposed that CA be re-defined as a community service corporation rather than as a homeowners association, which would have weakened many of our rights, including those for open meetings and access to CA records. Thankfully, Alex and a few other CA Board members, many residents, and most of the village boards found no compelling reasons for the proposal, and it got nowhere this year.

This is the sort of thing Alex has to contend with all the time on our behalf. He deserves our support.

Kathryn Merenyi


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