Hekimian stands with the residents of Oakland Mills on Blandair, underground cables [Letter]

April 08, 2013

There will be a contested election for CA Board of Directors in Oakland Mills this year, but there is only one candidate that fully understands the concerns of Oakland Mills residents and stands by them. Alex Hekimian has been a strong advocate for Oakland Mills in fighting for civility, and ensuring that the community's issues are addressed.

Alex has stood by Oakland Mills residents dealing with Howard County Recs and Parks on Blandair Park issues. He has fought to address the lights, parking and amplified noise issue at Blandair Park.

Alex continues to stand on the side of reason even when other politicians see no problem with amplified noise and lights until 11 p.m. Alex has also stood by the Oakland Mills community to resolve a problem when cable companies refused to bury cables throughout the community.

Alex has always been there to support our community and is a vital asset to Oakland Mills. I urge you to support and vote for Alex Hekimian.

Jonathan Mayhew

Oakland Mills

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