Swatek has proven track record of keeping Long Reach residents informed [Letter]

April 08, 2013

I spent Saturday handing out fliers in my neighborhood endorsing Russ Swatek as the Columbia Council Representative from Long Reach. I would like to explain why I think he is the best choice for the position.

During Mr. Swatek's prior term as Columbia Council Rep/Board Member (2009-2011), he did an exceptional job of keeping his constituency informed. He solicited resident input on specific issues through the "CA Council Rep Comments" column of the Long Reach village newsletter.

I provided my opinions, and he kept me in the loop on those issues via email. I attended open board meetings, and later served with Mr. Swatek on CA's Active Transportation/Connection Columbia Task Force. I have seen him ask pointed questions of CA and Howard County officials based on resident feedback.

I am concerned about the recent major changes in direction of Symphony Woods Park planning. I believe that with Mr. Swatek on the board, residents will be better informed and ensured of getting their money's worth out of any new projects.

Ryan Green

Long Reach

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