McCready would bring Oakland Mills' voice to the table [Letter]

April 08, 2013

As we watch the plans unfold for our new downtown and see the new thinking about Symphony Woods, many of us in Oakland Mills are frustrated that we are currently cut off from that exciting conversation.

It's time Oakland Mills had a Columbia Council Representative who is committed to joining our voice with the rest of Columbia as we work together to reinterpret, and reinvigorate the promise of Columbia for the next generation.

When we started the work of revitalizing Oakland Mills, we decided on the slogan for our Village: "We value Connections." We knew then that for Oakland Mills to progress we had to connect to Columbia's future, not cut ourselves off from it.

That is why I support Julia McCready for Columbia Association Board of Directors representing Oakland Mills. It's time that we had a representative who is willing to speak for us and the future of Columbia. It's time for change.

Phillips Engelke

Oakland Mills

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