Sacco Foundation names Mathematics Student, Teacher of the Year

  • John Carroll senior Claire Zurkowski, center, with Foundation Director Dr. John F. Kutcher, left, and Executive Board Member Ronald Dove, was named 2013 William J. Sacco Mathmatics Student of the Year.
John Carroll senior Claire Zurkowski, center, with Foundation…

The William J. Sacco Critical Thinking Foundation presented 21 Harford County mathematics students and teachers with awards on March 10.

More than 175 students, teachers and foundation sponsors walked through the doors of Liberatore's in Bel Air to gather for the second William J. Sacco Awards Banquet. Dressed to the nines, the anxious scholars awaited the results.

The 2013 set of scholarships included all 10 Harford County public schools and The John Carroll School — expanded from just C. Milton Wright and Bel Air high schools. At last year's event, Dr. John Kutcher, executive director of the foundation, stated that $30,000 was raised which in turn helped them to expand their scholarship program.

Executive board member Ron Dove, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., was first recognized by Bill Sacco for being an excellent student. Dove describes Sacco as "very special man," and it was his "passion for math teachers and students" that really helped Dove move from a crew person at McDonald's to a man of the law.

Another former protegee of Bill Sacco is Dr. John Kutcher, who wanted to honor the opportunities to develop software afforded to him by his former mentor. Nearly 10 years ago, he created a scholarship in Sacco's name. Then, after Mr. Sacco's passing in July 2011, he gathered a group of individuals deeply inspired by the passions of Bill Sacco and established the foundation with hopes of providing "annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of applied mathematics and critical thinking," according to

This year, the William J. Sacco Mathematics Educator Award was also introduced. This award honors "exceptional mentoring skills, creative teaching methods and success in incorporating real-world applications into the classroom."

Because of her endless devotion to mathematics and her students, Susan Taylor, AP statistics teacher at Bel Air High School, was named The 2013 William J. Sacco Mathematics Educator of the Year.

"I am thrilled to be honored and recognized. I know this is a really nice event to recognize teachers and students who love and share a passion for math," Taylor said.

Taylor is credited with bringing AP statistics to Bel Air High School. She believes that it is because of this push for a curriculum change that prompted her nomination.

"AP Stat is a great application of math learned. Students really only need Algebra II, so a lot of students can take it. It's more attainable than calculus for many," she said.

Though Taylor was ultimately deemed the "winner among winners," according to Kutcher, she stood among eight other teachers recognized for their hard work in the math department.

North Harford Algebra II, Integrated Geometry and German I teacher Wenke Porter was also recognized.

"I was surprised but grateful because I do work very hard with lesson plans and grading papers, and I'm happy someone recognizes that," Porter said.

The other math teachers recognized were Nicole Andriano from Aberdeen High School; Brett Parker from C. Milton Wright High School; Alyson Creighton from Fallston High School; Jeanne Donlick from Harford Technical High School; Deborah Mateer from Havre de Grace High School; Jean Willan from The John Carroll School, and Eric Smith from Patterson Mill High School.

Each mathematics teacher nominated by their department chair was given a $100 gift card to Target for help in the classroom, but the Educator of the Year was given $1,000 to spend however they'd like to improve their mathematics skills, teaching styles or supply closets.

Taylor, surprised yet beaming with pride, was easily able to identify the ways in which she plans to spend her new $1,000 grant.

"I'm going to use my award to take more classes. I'm always looking to learn more things or purchase some new books," Taylor said. "[My department] inspires me every day. We work together as a family and share ideas and working with them is really enjoyable."

After the teacher announcements and a brief intermission, Kutcher returned to the microphone to relieve the tangible anticipation among the students and their families.

Listed in the program was a detailed account of the soaring mathematics achievements of each student. It was hard for some parents to comprehend that their son or daughter had completed levels as high as Calculus III. Beaming with pride as great as that of her parents, Claire Zurkowski was named Student of the Year. An expression of shock came over the John Carroll senior's face as a round of applause erupted.

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