State has squishy definition of transportation benefiting from gas tax revenue [Letter]

April 08, 2013

We were told the gas tax increase was needed to pay for roads and mass transit. Yet right there in the March 28 Flier on page 16, "Turner: Transportation needs Gas Tax Revenue,"

Guy Guzzone states that funding created by the increase will be used for the expansion of the emergency medical system and a new digital communications system for emergency responders. That doesn't exactly sound like roads, bridges, or mass transit. Either they lied about it or are stretching the definition of transportation beyond all credulity.

We were also told that the funds would be put in a lock box. So what does it take to "unlock" the box? A 3/5 majority vote. Not hard to get when one party has more than a 3/5 majority. As I heard one commentator state — the leadership could get a 3/5 majority vote on burning down the Statehouse if they wanted.

This just shows they intend to spend it on whatever they want with no accountability. You can bet that in the future when the automatic increase does not provide enough revenue, they will come back telling us again they need a tax increase for highways and mass transit.

David Nace


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