Planning Board's past decisions were not good for Columbia's future [Letter]

April 08, 2013

As I have listened to the debate about the development of SW it has been pointed out that the plan must conform to the Howard County Planning Board input "passed but don't touch the trees." I find this very touching! Because I have seen the HC Planning Board pass plans that have stripped sites of 80 to 90 percent of their trees at Robinson Nature Center, Riverdale development and Gateway.

I hope the Planning Board has at last started to do its job as it relates to Columbia. Marsha McLaughlin said that DPZ has ended up the "Gate Keeper for Columbia" by default.

The Planning Boards' past decisions have threatened the very nature of our New Town planned community. Their "rolling over," their words not mine, have led to large companies thinking they can do anything they like in Columbia. I hope from now on that the Howard County Planning Board will approve development in Columbia only after reviewing the Columbia NT land use plan, covenants, deed restrictions and Howard County 2030 plan.

In the past year the community and small businesses have pushed back against inappropriate Planning Board approvals that will lead to blight in Columbia. The fight continues with appeals against development off Snowden River Parkway and Center Park Drive. One development is even pushing ahead with their building plans off Snowden River Parkway even though the land use is in the appeal process.

I have two words for these speculating developers: "The Tower" and "Wegmans."

Brian England


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