Delegate takes issue with editorial in The Aegis [Letter]

April 04, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I would like to ask the citizens of Harford County which of the following pieces of legislation they would support:

• An onerous sales and inflation tax on gasoline that will increase the current rate by 83 percent in five years;

• The most oppressive gun control law in the nation that strips away our Second Amendment rights to defend our families;

• A multi-billion dollar risky wind mill project – the only kind of this nature in the world that, if successful, will light up a mere 61,000 homes out of 2.4 million in Maryland;

• A driver's license program for illegal aliens that will enhance Maryland's reputation as a sanctuary state and will violate the federal Real ID Act;

• A dishonest budget that utilizes tricks and slight-of-hand to achieve a false balance and contains increased spending and higher taxes.

Now, I am not sure how every Harford County citizen would vote on these issues, but most people would probably reject them based on my experience conversing with the average resident.  I, along with most of the Harford County Delegation, rejected the above mentioned proposals.

The Governor has presided over 27 tax and fee increases, confiscating $7 billion from the general economy and family budgets in the past seven years. I have voted against every tax increase and all of his dishonest budgets. The editors of The Aegis may consider that inappropriate. They promote the idea that the Harford County Delegation, like the people they represent, should abandon their conservative principles and cave in to Gov. Martin O'Malley's spend, tax, and big government agenda. Their latest diatribe suggesting that the radical super-majority in the General Assembly will provide special benefits to Harford County if the Delegation would just bow and say, "Yes, Sir," to the governor is juvenile and naïve.

The editorial concluding that somehow the Delegation is responsible for the governor's petty decision to withhold funding for Towson University and the planned addition to Harford Community College is shameful.

The Democrat[ic] governor is responsible for the decision to punish Towson University because of their policy regarding the sports program. At the same time, he takes a passing slap at the young students and people of Harford County.

The Harford County Delegation protects the interests of farms, small business owners, families, and taxpayers. We are part of the minority caucus (there are 98 Democrats and 43 Republicans) that offers an alternative budget every year which is balanced without taxes.

All of the Harford senators and delegates serve on different key committees providing the county with broad representation. The Delegation offer scores of amendments on all of the bad legislation flying out of Annapolis while forcefully protesting with well-prepared remarks on the floor and in committee.

None of this is reported by The Aegis editorial commentary. They believe that "below the belt" pay-back politics, which the governor is using against Harford County, should be another opportunity to take a cheap shot and blame the Delegation.

Fair and balanced is apparently not part of their philosophy.

Del. Pat McDonough

House of Delegates, District 7

Western Harford County-Baltimore County

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