Oakland Mills candidate Julia McCready is 'positive, forward thinker' [Letter]

April 02, 2013

As the former chair of the Oakland Mills Village Board, I have had the pleasure of working with both candidates for Columbia Council. I am supporting Julia McCready. When Julia served on the board, she listened to all voices regarding items before the board, and with her great grasp of the issues, asked the tough questions to determine what is best for Oakland Mills and Columbia.

She has proven to me to be a positive, forward thinker that I trust will do the job that she is elected to do. Her opponent says in a mailing that he "Looks out for the interest of all residents," but after working with him, I know that he fights for the agenda of a narrow constituency. Instead of working with his fellow board members, she circumvents the democratic process and reaches out to a small but loud group that often acts against the interests of the majority of our residents. These residents, while passionate, do not see Columbia as ever evolving.

As a new mom, I want to make sure that every vote I cast is one that ensures a better future for my daughter. I urge you to vote for Julia McCready also.

Abby Hendrix


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