Long Reach residents urged to vote for Ed Coleman in CA board race [Letter]

April 02, 2013

Long Reach has two contenders for the CA Board of Directors. Ed Coleman, the incumbent, is pledging to serve with a balanced approach of Long Reach interests. Looking for initiatives combined with common sense and solid management approaches he provides an innovative yet logical view.

As a former Long Reach representative on the CA Board, I believe planning for the future but keeping the fiscal and representative interest of the constituents a priority is of the utmost importance.

Mr. Coleman's position of "optimism to try (innovations) tempered with a little bit of pessimism that keeps us grounded" this is from his candidates' statement brings the optimal balance for Columbia. With the latest capital improvements, like the Symphony Woods initiative, Mr. Coleman's contemporaries felt he possessed the ability to foresee the future for downtown Columbia, and review those initiatives with common sense.

Their appointment of Mr. Coleman to the Inner Arbor Board reflects that confidence. I share the same sentiment. I understand the time and energy required to fulfill those responsibilities. Ed Coleman has proven his commitment to Columbia, and deserves to continue to serve the community in the future.

I will vote for Ed Coleman —I urge Long Reach residents to join me.

Henry F. Dagenais


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