Harford County track and field preview

April 02, 2013


Head coaches: John Mobley and Kyree Edwards. Assistant coaches: James Blackwell II, Kyle Brown, Sammi Real, Jaime White and Charles Powell II

Top returning boys: Austin Bonsall (Sr.) sprints, jumps; James Blackwell III (Jr.), throws; Kion Gibson, (So.) hurdles, sprints; Isaiah Chapman (Sr.) sprints; Wyatt Bucci (Jr.) sprints; Dramil Boykin (So.) sprints, jumps; Chris Banko (Sr.) distance; Ken'Shae McCraney (Jr.) sprints; Dante Warfield (Sr.) sprints, throws; Marquez Sloan (Sr.) mid-distance Top newcomers: Victor Romero (Fr.) mid-distance; Daniel Cullinan (Fr.) mid-distance; Gavin Brennan (Fr.) mid-distance; Nathan Reid (Fr.) mid-distance

Top returning girls: Jimmia McCluskey (Sr.) sprints, jumps; Donisha Porter (Sr.) throws; Tatiana Gomez (Sr.) throws; Aria Real (Sr.) sprints; Thalia Gomez (Jr.) hurdles, sprints; Daisha Murphy (Jr.) sprints, jumps; Cierra Reid (So.) sprints, jumps; Taylor Cole (So.) throws. Top newcomers: Ashley Cottrell (So.) sprints; Faith Edmondson (Jr.) sprints; Lauren Drumm (So.) distance; Kyra Donahoo (So.) hurdles, sprints; Jazmine Harris (So.) sprints, jumps; Endia Jones (Fr.) sprints, jumps.

Outlook: Led by two-time state champ Jimmia McCluskey, the girls' team has the potential to repeat its UCBAC championship performance of last year. "We are expecting our veterans to lead and our youngsters to learn quickly from the veterans," said coach John Mobley. The girls' team lost several standouts but has a good blend of veterans and youngsters. The boys' team is young but has outstanding performers like sophomore hurdler Kion Gibson and could surprise UCBAC teams this spring. The team consists of 30 boys and 30 girls.

Bel Air

Head coach: Mike Burke (boys) and Michelle Jansen (girls). Assistant coaches: Mike Callahan, Jeff Semelka and Domanick West.

Top returning boys: Austin McKinney (Sr.) hurdles, jumps; Joe Whilden (Jr.) sprints; Roberto Ascenzi (Sr.) mid-distance; Dan Forrester (Jr.) distance; Chester Wrobel (Jr.) distance; Anferne Thomas (So.) hurdles; Chris Davis (Sr.) jumps; Hunter Smith (Sr.) sprints.

Top returning girls: Breanna Keene (Jr.) sprints; Brittany Keene (Jr.) sprints; Grayson Slencak (Sr.) mid-distance Top newcomers: Gabriela Encarnacion (Fr.) sprints; Anna Puntanen (Fr.), mid-distance; Kayla Klock (So.) sprints; Kayla Gonzalez (Sr.) throws; Kiersten St. John (Fr.) mid-distance

Outlook: The Bobcats are in the rebuilding mode after losing several outstanding athletes to graduation, particularly from the girls' team. "We're building our program with a lot first-time, young athletes," said coach Mike Burke. There are 45 boys and 35 girls on the team.

C. Milton Wright

Head coaches: Ray Lessnau and Donnie Mickey. Assistant coaches: Al Baker, Michele Freeman, Jerry Lee, Dom Corson and Mary Williams

Top returning boys: Matt Hoerr (Sr.) distance; Mike Capozzoli (Sr.) distance; Brad Ensor (So.) distance; Brad Trimble (Sr.) high jump, discus; Andrew Venanzi (Sr.) distance; Max Anderson (Jr.) distance; John Arminger (Jr.) throws; Frank Marzen (Jr.) throws; Freddie Montgomery (So.) sprints; Kenny King (So.) sprints; Will Hazelton (So.) sprints; Andrew Corson (Jr.) sprints. Top newcomers: Nate Livin (So.) throws; J.T. Klopcic (So.) hurdles, jumps; Kevin Reynolds (Jr.) sprints, jumps.

Top returning girls: Megan Coughlin (Jr.) distance; Megan Frailer (Sr.) sprints; Kathy Kammerer (Sr.) vault; Emma Krebs (Jr.) mid-distance; Shannon Rogers (Jr.) mid-distance; Lena Sharesky (Sr.) jumps; Miriam Silton (Jr.) distance; Sabrina Rhodes (So.) mid-distance; Sydney Rhodes (So.) sprints; Tori Smith (Sr.) sprints; Alexis Cuffee (Jr.) sprints; Kelley O'Neill (Jr.) distance; Brooke Zeberlein (So.) hurdles; Morgan Roberts (Jr.) sprints.

Outlook. The Mustangs continue to be strong in the distance events and this year have greater strength in the sprints. Our boys' team has a lot of young talent and depth and strong senior leadership," said coach Ray Lessnau. "The girls' team has a lot of returning talent. We have experience in all events." There are 63 boys and 60 girls on the team.


Head coaches: Donald Smith and David Knight. Assistant coaches: Jevon Berry, Jerry Henderson, Cori Porter and Richard Craver

Top returning boys: Lenier Tucker (Sr.) distance; Raymond King (Sr.) jumps, sprints; Ricco Pena (Sr.) distance, hurdles; Noel Spencer (Sr.) sprints; Devon Teagle (Jr.) sprints; Aaron Parker (So.) distance Top newcomers: Izaiah Sneed (So.) high jump, sprints, hurdles; Jeremy Middlebrooks (So.) sprints, Brian Taylor (Sr.) throws, Matthew Foster (Jr.) sprints, Kevin Ringold (Jr.) sprints, Ben Gorksi (Fr.) distance.

Top returning girls: Kiera McKenna (Sr.) high jump; Nasia Denegal (Jr.) throws; Lloreal Johnson (Sr.) sprints; Afi Oniyle (Jr.) sprints; Tiffany Weimer (Jr.) distance; Kirsten Hall (Jr.) distance Top newcomers: Victoria Bankole (Fr.) distance; Alexis Perdomo (Fr.) distance.

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