Shamrock Park upgrades deserve Bel Air's attention [Commentary]


A section of Shamrock Park in Bel Air may end up getting some major upgrades, or at least town officials are talking about the possibility.

Some of the early discussion includes installing additional playground equipment, defined pathways and shade trees on either side of the Humbert Amphitheater, and all of these suggestions deserve the full attention of the Board of Town Commissioners.

There's good reason to want to keep Shamrock Park in top shape. It's one of the crown jewels of a top-flight municipal park system in Bel Air.

The maintenance of park space is a municipal responsibility on par with keeping streets and sewers up to standard and providing police protection. It is often possible to peg a bad neighborhood simply by assessing the state of any parks in close proximity. Trash filled parks with dilapidated equipment indicate bad neighborhoods. It can be debated endlessly which is the cause and which is the effect, but a well-maintained and inviting park absolutely is an indicator of a vibrant and healthy community.

Shamrock Park is nowhere near falling into such a state, but some if its facilities are showing their age. The town would do well to make upgrades, so the park remains inviting and a neighborhood treasure.

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