Zurawik should apologize to Carson

April 02, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson need not apologize for anything. He is a brilliant and successful doctor who has saved thousands of children with his gifted hands and his compassionate care. Perhaps David Zurawik should apologize to him for his nasty and divisive column ("Dr. Ben Carson's descent into the nasty, divisive world of cable TV news," March 29).

Of course, it is easier to write that way and to criticize this man for saying what he believes. If the Johns Hopkins medical class does not wish him to speak at their graduation, it is their loss. Next Sunday, I am have the privilege of hearing Dr. Carson at the Carson Scholarships Award Ceremony at Martin's West honoring the gifted and talented children from all the schools in this area. He encourages and stimulates the children from all over the country with his story of how he rose to where he is with education and devotion.

If he were to choose to run for president of the United States, we should be honored to have him do so. His beliefs, talent, honesty, success and thoughts would enhance us as a society of all ages, nationalities and religions. Mr. Zurawik and fellow columnist Dan Rodricks are the ones who should be doing the retracting of comments for the ugly things they wrote about this man. Of course, it is so much easier to write that way than to praise someone for their accomplishments.

Elita Sohmer Clayman, Pikesville

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