Leave Ben Carson alone

April 02, 2013

Here we go again. Two of The Sun's writers are now after Dr. Benjamin Carson because he spoke up about spanking and marriage. Spanking is "beating" or "abuse?" Not on my watch.

I was spanked when I was a youngster, and I wasn't abused — I was reprimanded for my action which was poor judgment on my part. It was a hair brush that was used with two whacks. And you know what? I learned that it was up to me to think carefully about what I was about to do. And yeah, I really did know it was wrong. Did I do it again? Nope!

Also, let's get over this tirade about marriage. Last time I looked it was defined as a uniting of a man and a woman in holy matrimony, period. So make it easy, folks. If you two men or two women want to be united, just find another word for it that becomes "legal" and all will be happy! And Democratic fanatics can leave Dr. Carson alone. Instead, they should take a good look at their own party. It's not what I would call "clean and above board."

R. Ails, Joppa

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