You're on your own this week

April 02, 2013|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

I am heading to the airport tomorrow to catch a plane for St. Louis and the seventeenth national conference of the American Copy Editors Society.

While I frolic and cavort with my fellow editors, I will not be posting here, and am not likely to be present on Facebook and Twitter. Frolicking and cavorting are demanding of one's time and attention.

No doubt there will be bulletins and photos at the ACES website and on Twitter and Facebook to give those of you unable to attend some flavor of the conference.

If you are fortunate enough to be in St. Louis and bring along your copy of The Old Editor Says, I will be happy to autograph it for you. If you have not yet bought a copy, I will have a few on hand that you can acquire for a [cough] consideration [cough]. And I am donating two copies to the auction for the Education Fund.

So, unless I see you in the bar at ACES, I will not be seeing you again until early next week. Edit without fear or favor.

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