One-fifth of teen births to moms already with kids

(Courtesy of the CDC )
April 02, 2013|By Andrea K. Walker

One in 5 of teen births are from young moms who already have children, new CDC data shows.

The Centers for Disease Control said Tuesday that although teen births have declined in the last two decades, one problem that remains is girls who get pregnant multiple times.

There are about 183 "repeat teen births" each day, the CDC found. It is the second birth for 86 percent of the girls and the third birth for 13 percent of the moms.

Teens with more than one child may find it difficult to finish school and get a good job. The babies are also often born premature.

The CDC said more needs to be done to educate young moms on how to prevent repeat pregnancies. The health agency also said longer-term birth control, such as hormonal implants, may be better than the pill, which is taken daily.


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