When do you post the engagement on Facebook?

April 02, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

I got engaged a few of weeks ago. My fiancé took me to the park with our dog and proposed to me by rocks overlooking the Loch Raven Reservoir. This is a very special place for us, and he even laid out roses (who knew he could be such a romantic?).  After the excitement of realizing that I had just gotten engaged, I was so anxious to tell the world but I knew I couldn’t just yet! 

Social media is popular these days but it is so important that any important news you may have be shared with your loved ones before the Internet.  It can be hurtful for friends and family members to find out about your engagement through Facebook, although it does happen quite often.

Immediately, Keith and I drove straight to my mom’s house so I could share the news with her in person.  After that I called my dad and brother to share with them as well.  My mom and dad called their family to share the news with them, and I went on to call my closest friends. We also went to multiple houses of Keith’s family members to share the good news as well. The rest of the night, we continued texting other friends and family members who we thought should know the news.

And then finally, we went on Facebook with the announcement. I think our friends and family really appreciate being the first to know rather than random Facebook friends. 


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