Those in a hurry need patience to allow elderly to take their time [Letter]

April 02, 2013

It seems many people are in a hurry and don't make allowances for our older population. As much as a senior might want to move faster, their bodies cannot react or walk as fast as a younger person.

I have seen the elderly trying to cross the street with someone beeping their horn at them or the driver getting far too close, intimidating the poor senior trying to move as fast as they can.

I have witnessed impatient people in line behind the senior who tower over them as if it's going to make them pay faster. Yes, they like to use their change, and write checks that take longer as that is how their use to paying.

Lastly, I have observed people not taking the time to hold the door open for an older person. Would it really hurt to hold the door for someone who has frail bones and a hard time pulling a door open?

Can impatient people open their hearts to our mothers and fathers who are already facing many obstacles in their older lives? What is an extra minute waiting in the car until the senior passes, thereby reducing their risk of them falling because they were trying to cross the street faster? Let them take their time paying because their resources are limited. Lastly, open the door for the elderly, and do a good deed. Can you spare an extra minute for the elderly?

Vivian Golden AAC

Winter Growth Assisted Living Center activity coordinator

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